How to insert your SIM card into your new router

How to insert your SIM card into your new router

Unbox your new router and look to see where the SIM card goes. It is usually located on the back or underneath the router.

Sim card in router 1
Sim card in router 2
Sim card in router 3

Next remove the SIM card from your current router or if you received a new SIM card in the post have a look at it and notice the size.

Sim card in router 4

There are three different sizes of SIM cards. See what size the router takes and break down the sim as needed. The router should tell you which size you need and the photo above shows the different sizes.

Your SIM card should break down by applying a bit of pressure and popping out of place. Please see the photo below.

Sim card in router 5
Sim card in router 6

Once you have done this, all you need to do is insert the SIM into the

You will notice that one corner of the SIM is cut. This is so you know which way the SIM goes into the device.

If you take a look at the back of your router, there will be a little picture of the SIM card next to where you insert the SIM. This picture shows the cut corner.

To put the SIM in, simply line the SIM in your hand up with the picture on the router so that the cut corner matches. (See the below image)

Sim card in router 7

Once the cut corners line up insert the SIM into the slot. The slot is springloaded, so be careful inserting the SIM. Push the SIM in until you feel a slight click.

Now you can plug in and turn on your router. Give it a few minutes to recognise the new SIM.

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