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Panel Antenna Instructions

Step 1

Unbox your panel antenna and unwind the coax cable.

Panel 1

Step 2

Unscrew the dipole antennas from the back of your router.

Panel 2

Step 3

Connect the panel antenna to the back of your router and replace dipole antennas.

Panel 3

Step 4

Call our team on 01 211 8653 to determine the nearest mast sites.

Panel 4

Step 5

Place the panel antenna internally or externally,(we recommend attic or high window).

Panel 5

Step 6

Test the panel antenna indifferent locations while monitoring the signal bars on your router to optimize speed.

Panel 6

Need a longer cable?

Our Panel Antennas come with 2 options a 2 meter cable and 10 meter cable, we do not provide longer cables than this but they can buy them online or at a hardware.

you will need a "SMA Male to SMA Female" cable.